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Welcoming, inviting, comforting …

Mia Elwood founded Healthy Futures in 2002 to fill a need for intensive outpatient care for those struggling with eating disorders. In recovery from Bulimia and Anorexia herself, Mia understood the daily challenges those with eating disorders face and developed Healthy Futures Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) to help others overcome those struggles.


From the start, Healthy Futures’ mission has been to offer the utmost in professional, comprehensive treatment for those with eating disorders. The approach has always been to provide a team of caring professionals working with clients in a comfortable and welcoming setting.


Over the years, Healthy Futures has expanded its mental health services. Not only does Healthy Futures offer the longest running eating disorder IOP in Arizona, but the clinic is also a world leader in Somatic Experiencing therapy. Additionally, Healthy Futures now offers a comprehensive outpatient program especially for those who struggle with “Emotional Eating,” (sometimes referred to as Binge Eating.) For a full list of services, please see our Mental Health Care page.


Healthy Futures Team Members are leaders in the field of mental health and continuously strive to further their knowledge in order to help their clients toward a Healthy Future.

Team Work

Healthy Futures works with area professionals to make sure you have a well-rounded accessible treatment plan.

Our professionals will be in touch with any outside providers you work with; we value this team approach.

To reach Healthy Futures, call (480) 451-8500.

Centrally Located

Located near the Loop 101, Healthy Futures is convenient from nearly all areas of the Valley.

For driving directions, see our Contact page.

Quality Care

Our clinicians come from different backgrounds and have different theoretical orientations, but what they all have in common is a commitment to offering the most professional, high-quality care for their clients.

To reach Healthy Futures, please call (480) 451-8500, or e-mail Office@HealthyFuturesAZ.com

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