Compulsive Eating Disorder Treatment


The first step to treating an eating disorder is recognizing that one exists. For many suffering, they don’t realize there is a problem or feel ashamed to admit they have a problem and need help. There tends to be a stigma associated with eating disorders, and so it can be hard to admit help is need especially with a compulsive eating disorder (also known as binge eating disorders).


Friends and family may not understand why the sufferer can’t just control what they eat or stop eating so much. Those with a compulsive eating disorder themselves feel out of control and ashamed which leads to more overeating. Healthy Futures understands there is more to this disease than just lack of self-control. Our Emotional Eating Intensive Outpatient Program provides the help you need to get well and conquer your disease. Compulsive Eating Disorder Treatment Scottsdale Healthy Futures


The counseling sessions are run by trained and licensed professional counselors. Compulsive eating is caused by emotional events and stress and the inability to deal with these problems in a healthy way. Therapy sessions will help you overcome these issues and teach you to deal with the problems in a positive way instead of using food.


Meal planning and mindful meal experiences help you see that food is not intended for emotional support but for nutrition and health. Learn to see food for what it is, and not as a support system when times are tough.


Exercise plays an important role in mental well-being. Finding an activity you enjoy and feel comfortable taking in part in can clear your mind and eliminate stress that leads to compulsive eating.


Everyone’s needs are slightly different, but treatment at Healthy Futures Emotional Eating Intensive Outpatient Program includes group and individual therapy sessions, nutrition counseling, exercise support, meal planning, and family counseling. Our outpatient program will help you successfully overcome your compulsive eating disorder.

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