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The Healthy Futures Covid-19 Task Force is “enthusiastically cautious,” as Arizona’s COVID-related statistics (infections, hospitalizations, deaths) are remaining significantly lower than we were experiencing only a few months ago.

And therein lies our caution.

Things can change dramatically in only a few months, and as we’ve seen elsewhere around the world, it sadly can change for the worse.

These two emotions – an enthusiasm that we might be leaving the pandemic behind, and caution that we can slip into another wave of illness – reminds us one of the important lessons we teach at Healthy Futures: “Dialectic thinking.”

That is, two or more seemingly contradictory ideas can be true at the same time. It’s a “both/and” approach to life, rather than an “either/or” approach.

With Dialectic thinking in mind, we are enthusiastically cautious about expanding our in-person programming at this time!

Most of our adult programming will have at least monthly in-person services. For now, we are remaining hybrid, and the other days will be virtual. Teen programming may have more frequent in-person options.

We have confidence in the evidence regarding the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines available, thus we encourage and kindly request our staff and patients get vaccinated if there are no medical or religious barriers. We do not require it, nor will ask for any proof of vaccination or documentation of any exemptions, to receive care at Healthy Futures.

For now, our existing COVID-19 protocols remain in place. We require mask-wearing, and we are continuing our additional cleaning and sanitizing practices.

As always, the mental AND physical health of our patients and dedicated team members are our top priorities. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to email at, or call us at (480) 451-8500.


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