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Healthy Futures started offering individualized movement and exercise therapy and eating disorder programs in January of 2015. Their exercise wellness plans are designed specifically for people that are struggling with an eating disorder.

This addition to the Healthy Futures overall wellness program offers onsite sessions working with exercise consultants that understand eating disorders and the importance of proper exercise and movement. Taking a holistic approach, this exercise and movement program is for the mind as well as the body’s physical well‑being and is based on each person’s individual needs and goals.
At Healthy Futures, we want to help you with your recovery and wellness in every way possible.

Learn more about this exercise program and all of our exercise programs at Healthy Futures or call us today (480) 451-8500.

Kelley Aungst:  Hi, I’m Kelley Aungst, and I’m an exercise consultant here at Healthy Futures. I’m so happy and excited to announce that, come January, we are going to be offering an individual movement exercise therapy.

As an added component to the overall wellness for our patients, we thought it would be a great addition to our existing program. If you’ve been thinking about adding motion and movement to your new year, or joining a gym, or even hiring a personal trainer, you may want to consider our one‑on‑one exercise and movement sessions.

Some of the benefits for that for you might be convenience, because I’ll be bringing exercise equipment here so that you can do your sessions right onsite. You’d be working with somebody that has an understanding of eating disorders and the importance of proper exercise and movement to go along with that.

Not everybody has an understanding of that, so this would be an important component to your overall wellness and recovery here at Healthy Futures. I’ll use a holistic approach, body and mind, for your physical well‑being, and you’ll get an individual program design based on your needs and personal goals, and not someone else’s.

If this sounds like something that you might be interested in for the new year, give us a call, schedule a consultation, and let’s get you moving.