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Our admission process is made as easy and convenient as possible for you. To assist you, we have three main people you may be talking to in the process. You first will talk with one of our Intake Specialists, who will answer your questions about our programs. She also will help answer any questions about fees and insurance coverage and the how-to’s of this process.


The next step is coming in for an assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to gauge which level of care you need, and to develop an initial treatment plan.  To do that we ask that you fill out comprehensive paperwork and come to an assessment. We will e-mail you the paperwork ahead of time to save time the day of your assessment. If you are a minor, your parent or guardian also will be required to complete some paperwork.


If you are thinking of entering our intensive outpatient program (IOP) for eating disorders, our intake clinician will set up a convenient time for you to come in for an assessment. If our IOP is not the best level of care for you, we will offer you referrals to outpatient therapy through us or another provider. You also may be recommended for inpatient care; again, referrals will be given to you at this time.


If Healthy Futures is not going to be your first step, we will do everything we can to make the next step easy for you, including sending our written assessment to your referred treatment provider. We want you to have the best care for your specific situation at the right time; sometimes that’s with us and sometimes that is by starting somewhere else. We hope that once our level of care is appropriate for you (outpatient and intensive outpatient) we will see you again!


Once the assessment is completed, the next step is admission. If entering our IOP, your insurance will be called to give clinical information to get authorization for our services. We will work to get detailed information to you on your financial responsibility and payment arrangements will be made at this time. Also, you will need to secure medical clearance from your physician if you have not already done so. To download a printable copy of the medical clearance form, click here.


Once we have authorization from your payment source and your medical clearance is received, you will receive a start date. Typically, this is the very next scheduled IOP day. You will be asked to come approximately 45 minutes early (or stay late) for this first day to complete our orientation process.

Non-IOP Admission

If you are coming for anything besides our IOP (outpatient therapy, DBT skills group, nutrition therapy) and already have a Healthy Futures team member in mind, you will complete your assessment with that provider. An initial treatment plan will be completed at this time. For outpatient therapy admission, your next session will be scheduled at the assessment. Payment arrangements will be finalized by talking with a representative from our staff.


Thank you for choosing Healthy Futures. We look forward to supporting you and helping you achieve your healthy future!

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