Lead a more balanced lifestyle with these 4 questions

September 15, 2016

I’m going to help you rebalance your day, or give you a tool to rebalance your day, for eating and your blood sugar level. It’s called “Four Questions.”

I want you ask it throughout the day today and see how you do and then utilize these tools, or these four questions, to help you in balancing your eating.

The first question is, “Have I eaten in the last three‑and‑a‑half to four hours?” If the answer is no, then you need to eat.

The second question is, “Am I eating because I’m physically hungry?” You may not know the answer to that and the answer may be, “I don’t know,” but I want you to keep asking because we want to start finding the cueing signal that our physiological body has to telling us that we’re hungry.

Some of us have cut that signal off so we have to keep asking to find it. Some of us might find it through maybe we’re tired or we get a headache rather than a hunger cue that comes down from our stomach.

The third question, “Am I eating because I’m emotionally hungry?” You may not know that but by asking you’re going to find out if you’re physically hungry, emotionally hungry…if you don’t know, the possibility is it’s from an emotion. If you’re eating because you’re emotionally hungry then you can go into the grocery store and eat all the food you can. It will never fill up that emotion stomach.

There is a need of some emotional support. If the answer is, “Yes, I’m eating because I’m emotionally hungry,” then you can just stop in a little bit of awareness, start doing something that will support that emotion that you need, maybe by journaling, calling a friend, going and doing something that is going to say, “Hey, I want to change my emotion.”

Sometimes seeing a movie that has comedy in it or something the opposite of the emotion that you’re feeling.

The fourth question is, “Am I eating because I’m bored?” No amount of food or any food can entertain you. If you are, then go do something entertaining. Play a game with a friend, read, watch a movie, take a walk, entertain yourself in some other way than food.

By asking the four questions you can start to rebalance. Ask it about three or four times a day during the day and you’ll be able to then start getting a balance, a blood sugar level that will support you in some nutritional needs and support you in a way that feels good.

I want you ask it throughout the day today and see how you do and then utilize these tools, or these four questions, to help you in balancing your eating.

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