We’re going to do a sensory awareness exercise today that will help us be in the present moment.

We’re going to do a sensory awareness exercise today that will help us be in the present moment.

Mindfulness is taking a moment for whatever you might need…

Mindfulness is a great return to the moment because we can find whatever we need in that moment.

Hello, welcome to another minute of mindfulness with Mia and at the ocean!

Loving-kindness meditations are all about allowing ourselves to have the things like joy and happiness in our life.

If I was able to give advice to my adolescent self, this is what I would say.

Today I thought we’d focus on perspective and the idea of helping us feel better and more mindful is to focus on perspective.

Trauma doesn’t need to be a life sentence. There are benefits to trauma and all of us in this world.

I’m encouraging people not to be self-centered but to be selfish in that they are a priority. 

 Curiosity is great to use for mental health. First of all, everybody can access it and doesn’t take any extra effort or any extra power.

The world is judgmental. It would be great if people didn’t judge others on seemingly every little thing. It would even be better if everyone liked everyone else, but sadly this in not the case.

Relaxing does not always come easy to everyone. Dr. Kim DiRé shares a technique called progressive relaxation that she uses to help create a state of relaxation and equilibrium for your nervous system.

Did you know your brain never stops thinking? It is true, however most people do not pay attention to their thoughts on a regular basis. With mindfulness, though, we learn to pay attention to our thoughts and our emotions as well as the way we interpret things.

Curiosity is truly a great thing. It is the perfect antidote to boredom. Look around you and there are things you can be curious about. If you see something that you want to know more about – great! Grab your computer or phone and research it.