A Minute of Mindfulness with Mia – Loving Kindfulness

May 3rd, 2021

Hello,  welcome to another minute of mindfulness with Mia.

Today we’re going to talk about loving-kindness and this month is May. Loving-kindness meditations are all about allowing ourselves to have the things like joy and happiness in our life so we wish them for ourselves and we wish them for others.

Think about the things that you would like for yourself and practice loving kindness with that. Then bring it to someone else that you love or wish these things for them.

So it goes like this,

May I be kind to myslef and others. May I allow compassion. May I be happy.

May I allow deep emotion and tears.

May I grow.

Then just let that sink in a bit and from there being able to say the same thing, back to the universe to a loved one.

So I will say it to you, may you be well.

May you allow compassion. May you be happy and experience Joy.

May you allow Deep Emotions and tears. May you grow.

Thank you.

Mia Elwood

If I’m someone who thinks that I’m way too tall, maybe it would be helpful to go stand by a Saguaro.

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