How support groups can be key to recover when dealing with eating disorders

August 30, 2016

Healthy Futures offers eating disorder support groups lead by a team of professionals for those suffering with Anorexia, Bulimia or any form of disordered eating.

Here, our clients will gain nutrition education, and counseling to acquire new life skills and coping skills, instead of relying on the eating disorder. But, most importantly, clients enjoy support from people like themselves, who truly understand the struggles they experience. And together, they learn how to decrease the eating disorder’s power in their lives.

It is the nature of eating disorders to tell their victims that they “don’t need support, advice, or encouragement.” This comes from a place of shame, guilt or protectiveness of their habits.

Often, this leaves the individual in isolation to suffer alone and not trust the people in their lives. One of the goals of eating disorder support groups is to bring them out of isolation and connect them with others who are experiencing the same things.

Eating Disorder support groups Scottsdale Healthy Futures

They will learn their pain is not unique. Through finding compassion for each other, they will find it for themselves. And, they will grow to feel successful in a social way. These are the keys to what will give them comfort and anchor them to the road to recovery.

At Healthy Futures, every client is assessed and an individual treatment plan is created. Depending on the level of care needed, some clients may need outpatient services from our team of professionals one to two times a week.

For others, intensive outpatient programs are needed and involve two to four hours of programming per day, two to four days per week. With every client we establish a well-rounded accessible treatment plan that includes a team of support.

To find out more about eating disorder support groups and eating disorder services, call Healthy Futures at (480)451-8500. You are not alone. We understand.  And, with support, recovery is possible.