A Minute of Mindfulness with Mia – Perspective

March 25, 2021

Hi, welcome to a minute of mindfulness with Mia.

Today I thought we’d focus on perspective and the idea of helping us feel better and more mindful is to focus on perspective.

If I’m someone who thinks that I’m way too tall, maybe it would be helpful to go stand by a Saguaro. I am so not tall compared to a huge Saguaro cactus and that makes me feel less tall and if I need that, that might be really helpful.

For example, a lot of people ask about us and say, “Oh how old is your puppy?” and I say 13, they instantly have a different perspective.  They’re thinking he’s a puppy and going to be a big poodle but no, he’s always going to be a small poodle, right?

Whatever you need to be shifted, think about something bigger or smaller than you and this is a handy way to change our perspective.

Thank you.

Mia Elwood

If I’m someone who thinks that I’m way too tall, maybe it would be helpful to go stand by a Saguaro.

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