How to use attitude & gratitude to your advantage

March 15, 2017

One thing that I notice when people get stuck and they’re not able to move, whether they’re feeling good about themselves or they feel stuck in their life goals, is we use gratitude to release that stuck.

People often understand that they do it like, “OK, let’s count our gratitude so make a gratitude list,” but they often don’t know what happens or what the change is that happens for them. Gratitude is an emotion that actually has a vibrational energy that starts to vibrate or lift things.

One of the tools that I use is if you just hold out something that you’re grateful for in your hands. Really concentrate or use a meditation or mindfulness with it, perhaps it’s a child that you adore or maybe it’s something you’re grateful for, like the fact that you have a nice, cozy bed to sleep in, is if you just sit and have gratitude for it, you’ll find a vibrational energy that happens.

If you take that as a tool or a meditation and bring that gratitude then into your face, you can bring that gratitude in to shift some of the physiology that happens for you when you are down or when you feel stuck or when you feel scared.

Some of those are the things that happen because emotions have an energy. Gratitude is one that is uplifting and one that can change some of the energies that aren’t so helpful or challenging.

Next time you feel stuck or down, use gratitude in a way that’s going to be really helpful for you to move forward and feel really hopeful.

Happy woman

What are your thoughts on gratitude?

Gratitude is a powerful emotion for the appreciation of what one has. For some, it may be a healthy baby, a warm, cozy bed, or a good job. We can make lists of the things we are grateful for in our lives. But, why is gratitude so important?

Gratitude can change how you feel.  It has an energy that vibrates within you and lifts you up. Inside your body, this energy can take you from feeling worried or bad about something to feeling more optimistic and good. It actually has the power to change the energy in your body.

The next time you feel down, stuck in your life or scared, hold out your hands. Imagine holding something in them for which you are grateful.  Then really concentrate on feeling gratitude for it.  You’ll soon feel that positive energy vibrate in your body and shift your feelings toward something more positive.

Choose to think about gratitude every day, even when things are difficult. With this daily practice, you’ll soon see your life’s challenges smaller and see more optimism. Give it a try, you’ll be grateful that you did.

Gratitude is an emotion that actually has a vibrational energy that starts to vibrate or lift things.

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