How awareness can bring beautiful energy into your life

March 6th, 2017

Spring is almost here.  Very soon, the gardens will wake up and those buds that have been waiting all winter long will feel the energy from the sun and begin to bloom.  We will see and smell beautiful flowers everywhere.  It’s such a happy and joyful time.

In a metaphorical way, we are much like flowers.  Many of us are also stuck in a frozen bud-like state.  When life becomes stressful, sometimes we don’t know how to get ourselves unstuck.  How do we find that energy that will lead us to a more beautiful life?

Sometimes just being aware that we are stuck can bring about that energy.  Rely on your five basic senses.  What can you feel?  What do you see?  What do you hear, smell, and taste?  Paying attention and noticing those things sometimes is all you need to mobilize toward a more beautiful life.

This spring, practice being more aware within yourself.  Soon, you’ll find the energy that will lead you to your happier and more joyful self.

Happy girl in sunflower field

One of the ways that we do that is we use the tool of attention, just noticing, noticing in a non-judgmental way in order to mobilize, or gather this mobilization of energy.

A lot of times, we’re frozen, or we feel stuck. Sometimes, just by becoming aware that we’re stuck, is enough to start to move things.

Usually, we do that by the basic five senses and noticing how we feel, or how we see, visualize things, listen, smell, taste. That’s some of the places that we can use attention, or noticing.

A lot of times, you’ll hear a non-judgmental stance in noticing. By using that, it’s limitless. A lot of times, it will just change our lifestyle, or change a behavior.

A lot of times, by just noticing and becoming aware, or awakening from this frozen to this life-giving bloom of springtime, we can start mobilizing, or using that energy of attention and awareness that comes from paying attention with our five senses, to creating something that gives us an enriched life.

It becomes limitless as we become more aware.

Kim Diré

A lot of times, you’ll hear a non-judgmental stance in noticing. By using that, it’s limitless. A lot of times, it will just change our lifestyle, or change a behavior.

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