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The best practice for healthy eating is being consistent with your eating every day.  But, before you can practice healthy eating, you need to know what that looks like for you.  It may be different from one person to the next.  So, ask yourself some questions.

Is healthy eating about eating a variety of food groups?  Is it eating three square meals a day or eating six smaller meals a day?  When in the day do you eat?  Once you determine what healthy eating is for you, be consistent with it every day.  Eat right, your way, every day and you will have a healthier life.

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Hi. My name is Kim Guenther, Registered Dietitian for the Healthy Futures program in Scottsdale. National Nutrition Month is in March and this year’s slogan is, “Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day.”

What does eating right look like for you? Does it mean eating a variety of the food groups? Does it mean eating three times a day or six times a day? Really being able to identify your way of eating is by far the best practice that you can make for healthy living. Then being able to do that on a consistent basis – being able to do that every day.

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