3 different signs of eating disorders

August 4th, 2016

Acknowledging you may suffer from an eating disorder can be difficult. For those who love you, seeing what’s happening and not be able to help can be heartbreaking. Some eating disorders are easier to hide from family and friends, but there are tell-tale signs to look for that can help identify signs of eating disorders.

If you suspect that you may have an eating disorder, or if you are concerned that a friend or loved one may have an eating disorder, look for some of the following signs and then seek help.

There are a few common signs of eating disorders that can be a part of any disorders. Other signs tend to be more specific to types of eating disorders.

Common Signs of Eating Disorders:

  • Obsession with appearance based on weight or shape
  • Excessive exercising
  • Eating in private or making excuses not to eat with others

Anorexia Specific Signs:

  • Low body weight
  • Extreme limiting of calories or an overly restrictive diet
  • Skipping meals or a fear of eating with others
  • Overuse of diuretics and laxatives

Bulimia Specific Signs:

  • Binge eating which is repeatedly eating large amounts usually in the form of high calorie foods
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom during or after meal. (Usually to purge)
  • Damaged or callused hands from forced vomiting

A different type of disorder involves overeating without the purging or exercising. It generally can be associated with the inability to deal with emotional experiences.

Binge Eating Specific Signs:

  • Eating too much with no control to stop
  • Feelings of shame and regret after eating
  • No purging or excessive exercising after binge
  • Sometimes gaining of weight or obesity

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