Get a Check Up – Free Online Screening

July 28, 2016

Doctor screening

If we suspect something may be wrong physically, most of us don’t hesitate to visit our doctor’s office. When it comes to mental health, it should be no different. Mental health is a key part to our overall health, and that’s especially true for those suffering with eating disorders. Anorexia Nervosa (a common eating disorder) has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder. This is why Healthy Futures has a free online screening.

The online screening is a tool you can use to establish whether you, or someone you know, should seek professional help for an eating disorder. It is anonymous and confidential, so you can feel comfortable answering the questions candidly.  Then, once you finish the questionnaire, you’ll get immediate results with explanations, recommendations and resources.

This online screening is meant to be used as a check up to help you determine if you, or someone you care about, may need to reach out for a professional evaluation.  If you have a real concern, call Healthy Futures directly at (480)451-8500. So, take the quick and easy online screening today and find out more about disordered eating behaviors in your life.

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