Is there really an Eating Disorders treatment?

July 16, 2016

For those who suffer with eating disorders, the idea of treatment may seem like a hope and a prayer. Eating disorders are a significant problem, and they’re not really a choice. They’re a serious mental illness, and the physical ramifications are quite serious. From lasting physical problems to death, eating disorders spell the need for real help now.

Who Suffers from Eating Disorders?

Almost anyone can suffer from an eating disorder. No one group of people is exempt. Young and old alike often have eating disorders as do rich and poor. They cross cultural boundaries and education levels. They’re a global problem, as well.

Recovery is Possible

There are many possible treatments for eating disorders. The first step, though, is always the most challenging.  Many who suffer from eating disorders feel nervous or even ashamed as they work toward treatment. Seeking help as early as possible, though, is the only way to lessen the severity of an eating disorder.

The type of treatment necessary depends on a number of factors, including the disorder itself, age, family situations and relationships, and physical conditions. The best treatment is one that addresses the person as a whole.

Treatment options can include a variety of methods. Psychotherapy places emphasis on patterns of thought, motivation, and emotions to help relieve the mental stress around an eating disorder.

When young adults are involved, often a family approach that creates an entire support network around the individual suffering from an eating disorder is best. There are self-help approaches as well, often utilizing nutritional management strategies to help ensure individuals are getting the right level of vitamins and minerals as they recover. Medication may also be necessary, particularly when a person is dealing with more than one disorder at a time, like anxiety and an eating disorder.

Eating Disorders Treatment Scottsdale Healthy Futures

Find Help Now

It is possible to treat an eating disorder, but only if you take the right steps as soon as possible. At Healthy Futures, we offer a comprehensive solution that can put you or someone you love on the path to recover. Contact us now to learn more.